Keeping track of distribution

The Timber Commerce modules for distribution map out the entire order entry process and offer lots of leeway for effective sales processing. The compilation of order information using the contract and order management system is the foundation for a controlled, high quality production process. This is where all the customer’s requirements for the ordered goods are clearly defined, e.g. finishing, indication of multiple lengths, commission, dimensional deviations and manufacturing labels.

  • Business intelligence using cube evaluations
  • A wide range of statistical evaluation options
  • Manage prices systematically with discounts and scales of volume down to the customer article level, plus easily update prices using a costing chart
  • Detailed granting of premiums, incl. order and accounting
  • Calculate as many incidental costs as you need
  • Store listviews and input forms for each user group
  • Integrate e-business solutions
  • Multilingual capability – separated by interface and document print-out
  • Optimised document flow thanks to print combinations and PDF, email or fax
  • In the document history, go from order to delivery note and back with just one click

With customised, always visible infoboards in each program window, essential customer details remain visible at all times.