In production planning, all the information relevant to the glued timber manufacturing process are compiled.

The AV work preparation system for glued timber consists of several modules and is a specialised system for manufacturers. Using this tool, a worker can plan the entire order volume for the whole operation. And the system provides the right support to make the task user-friendly. Starting right from the master data, production parameters are stored such that the space management dept. can access them.

For the production dept., the system works toward the maximum producible length, so as to maximise production.

Space Management sets up the orders for Production. Here, we differentiate between picking requests, where the goods have already been glued and planed, and production orders for BSH, KVH and DUO. Production orders contain all the layering data. In addition, all the data taken from the parts lists can be modified in this section. In the manufacturing info, each step can be traced back to the customer order. No more questions for the production dept. from Sales or MRP, since everyone has precisely the information they need and is able to view the production status at any time. A simulation of the production process helps with additional capacity planning for warehouse picking. Once reviewed, the data are sent to Production, and the order is started.