Tailored to the industry, individually configured and user-friendly

Timber Commerce Logistics Modules offer high flexibility and maximum comfort for your logistics processes. All the tasks are covered – everything from route planning to loading or shipping. The goal is to streamline your work and cut costs in the process. And our logistics module offers a wide range of selection criteria and support options to help you do it. Performing a carrier evaluation after dispatch makes it easier to select a shipping company for future shipments. Transport integration can be used to assist with this even further. Evaluations and any problems that arise are archived. Invoices can be generated as collective invoices in the system.
The load times module is yet another tool you can use to manage cargo loading. Each route can be assigned to a time frame and thus actively controlled. And to round off your logistics process, there’s the graphic loading plan feature. All lorries are scheduled in advance, including their loading order, and the actual loading process is measurably accelerated. Thanks to the infoboards used throughout the software, all route-related information is always at hand, and there’s no need to make time-consuming inquiries. Excepted quantities are also displayed in the routes, such that the remainder can be actively sold off.