Clear structures for an efficient procurement strategy

The mapping of the entire data chain is especially important in the production of glued timber. For one thing, it often involves very precise production orders for construction projects. For another, every single part has to be consistently traceable in accordance with EN 14080 and Eurocode 5. These requirements can be met using our work preparation system for glued timber – now in use at approx. 40 companies in the timber industry. With the help of our system, these businesses produce over 1,000,000m³ of glued timber each year. Glued timber also refers to BSH, KVH, DUO/TRIO, as well as KLH/CLT/BSP.

The logging of order information is the foundation for a controlled, high quality production process. This is where all the customer’s requirements for the ordered goods are clearly defined, e.g. finishing, indication of multiple lengths, commission, dimensional deviations and manufacturing labels. One particularly crucial factor is that all parameters have to be stored in accordance with EDP requirements and come out with no additional texts and notes. This is achieved thanks to an article structure which displays such product characteristics as size, type of wood and quality. This way, based on the parts list definition, you can easily infer the raw materials and machine parameters, as well as factor in additional parameters such as finishing.