Optimum overview of the procurement process

Timber Commerce procurement modules give you an optimum overview of the pre-contracts and storage areas. The procurement process serves an important function, both in round timber purchasing and for the sawn timber supplier. It includes accounting with both the factory input measure and the forest measure. In addition, our system is perfect for mapping and managing one or more wet storage facilities. Accounting records with service providers can be kept in different currencies and units, and the process covers not just delivery but also all operations such as felling, clearing and measuring.

And now some practical examples: With just the push of a button, you can efficiently settle several thousand batches in a collective invoice. This makes it possible to process purchase volumes for even large-scale lumber mill capacities. The procurement of large amounts of round timber with a minimal buffer in the crate warehouse at the logyard places greater and greater demands on processing operations in round timber purchasing. This is mostly a result of production increases, particularly at sawmills, as lines are optimised and costs minimised. Felling has to be optimally coordinated with collection and machine capacity at the mill. This takes a combination of high transparency and constantly available information. This requirement can only be met by a system which is integrated into all the adjacent processes and map orders efficiently and time-effectively.