Keep an eye on your entire inventory

The inventory and package inventory module provides a complete overview of the goods in your warehouse.

Use the inventory and package inventory module to monitor and regulate your inventory and manage your warehouses. Stockkeeping is a major challenge for businesses specialising in the production of cut-to-order timber. The packages of manufactured goods have to be managed on the premises. Supplying custom orders is fundamentally different from production according to raw material sequences. Nearly every order contains items with different raw materials which have to be produced at different times. Many manufacturers would like to be able to manage packages with a bin location system. Timber Commerce lets you do just that. The goods in stock can be displayed as a 3D location drawing.

The Timber Commerce software also supports “chaotic” stockkeeping. In addition, the package inventory module lets you trace the entire package history, as well as storage and finishing transfer postings for import and drying chamber. Here, you can display and evaluate all posting records and quantity changes for a package. The forklift driver logs all relocations using a scanner. A forklift system with route optimisation and storage space optimisation can also be added on to the package inventory module. Alternatively, high racks can be integrated as a buffer. The spaces available are managed “chaotically” in Timber Commerce, and a crane can be controlled directly from the application. The forklift fleet can be even further optimised with an integrated location system with automatic inventory/storage space booking. You’ll rarely have to go look for anything in your warehouse again.