On-site service

Take advantage of our comprehensive support services. Our staff members are not only available to you during the installation phase; you can also find them at our four regional branches and, of course, at our headquarters in Eutin.

You can reach us by phone Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5 PM, or email us at Support(at)TimberTec.com.

We also offer remote diagnostics

All you need is an Internet connection, and we can connect directly to your screen using the TimberTec SupportViewer. This lets us make our diagnosis even faster and in direct contact with your system and perform remote maintenance.

Support Team1 ("Lignum")

+49 4521 7600-381

Martin Krokowski

Nicole Willert

Nicole Willert

Joerg Steltzer

Annett Zühlke

Thorsten Gamer

Support Team 2 ("Larix")

+49 4521 7600-382

Dénes Schuppe

Michael Rink

Michael Rink

Annabelle Franke

Dennis Kutscher

Support Team 3 ("Fagus")

+49 4521 7600-383

Ursula Stöger

Sascha Kuhr

S. Kuhr

Irene Hüstreich

Agnieszka Anderson

Agniezka Anderson

Marcus Wieser

Sven Bruhn

Erik Petersson

Erik Petersson